About Me


My  name is Jennifer Carson and I live in Michigan with my husband, four sons, and many four legged friends. I grew up on a steady diet of Muppet movies and Renaissance faires, and would occasionally be caught reading under the blankets with a flashlight. Besides telling tales (I am a published children’s author), I like to create animal and fantasy creatures and characters in embroidery, watercolor, marker, and digitally, and I  publish my own sewing patterns. My books and sewing patterns can be seen online at thedragoncharmer.com.

I also work as the managing editor and crafts column writer for The Crazy Wisdom Community Journal in Ann Arbor.

My work has been featured in national  and international magazines like: Stitch, Quilting Arts Magazine, Faerie Magazine, Soft Dolls and Animals, Teddy Bear and Friends, and Dolls United.

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Instagram @MagickalJennCarson

Facebook: Jennifer Carson, the Dragon Charmer or Author Jennifer Carson: To Find A Wonder and other wonderful tales to come

You can watch my painting process here!

Artists Statement:

I tell stories, not just because I enjoy the experience, but because I must. There are stories and characters inside me that force me to put them into the world.  Whether I’m telling a story through words, creating an image, or making a doll, a day without creativity, without story, is just a day to get through. But a day when I get to spend my time creating, or talking about creating, or helping someone else create—that is a great day.

Most of my work carries themes that relate to family and community and I’m always trying to answer the question, how can we build stronger families? I’m not just referring to the people we are related to—but also the extended families we choose to form. I am also inspired by my passionate desire to live an artfully integrated life, and to help others do so. I like sharing the idea that magic can be found in ordinary things and in supposedly ordinary situations. I want to remind adults of the magic we never questioned when we were children, and I want to help children understand how important it is to hold onto that magic for the rest of their lives.

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